Need new Java

Just figured out that I am a Java developer with a 7 year experience.

It’s time to say what’s wrong with Java.

Yes, I remember and understand the easy upgrade goals of Sun. So every customer can switch from Java 1.4 to Java 1.5 with nearly no effort.

But, do you use Turbo Pascal? Or Applets ?

Of course if your project is damn old and is written in Turbo Pascal it makes no sense to rewrite it in new technology just to add one simple form. But this is true for damn old projects. I will never start implementing a new project in Turbo Pascal. Because I know that there are a lot of new and better technologies.

Sun did short investments with it’s small compatible language updates. But it loose in long term. Today Java positions are much weaker than 5 years ago.

I can’t understand why new version of Java language can’t be released. We can decline language level compatibility but we can keep JVM level compatibility. Just add javac3 to JDK.

In this blog I will write my New Java feature requests.


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Java dev. Groovy dev. Grails dev. Project man.
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  1. website says:

    After I open up your Feed it seems to be a lot of garbage, is the problem on my side?

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