Grails on appengine give – it a try

Another bad November morning gave me an idea and I decided to implement it with my favorite development framework Grails and my favorite deployment framework Google App Engine.

I wanted to give a try to this old friends of mine. There were two key question:

  1. Is it possible at all?
  2. Is it possible to fit Grails production website in Google App engine free quota.

The answer on the first question is – YES. Take a look on – the site for continuous youtube watching. It is implemented with grails-1.3.7. Currently it does not use datastore at all but it use many other Grails features like services, UrlMappings, URL fetching, Groovy XML parsers and Groovy XML builders.

The second answer is – may be.

My previous Google App Engine project was – Belarussian real estate search engine. It uses spring MVC. It keeps 500 users and 2000 clicks per days without HTTP caching. Each click causes single but huge datastore query.

Currently I am promoting my TV youtube Grails website and waiting performance statistics for it. The question is how much users can keep withing free quota.


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One Response to Grails on appengine give – it a try

  1. is shutted down. Google implemented autoplay functionality as std in youtube.
    Well, I gave them an idea )

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