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Global ANT or MAVEN build event notification

I want to get notified when the build is finished. I prefer ANT to play a small sound saying that the build is finished so I can stop reading news, drinking coffee, doing self education of course. Luckily ant and … Continue reading

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Javascript !! construct

In JavaScript I often see the construct !!object The construct converts an object into boolean. I remember it as “bang, bang, you are boolean“

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Fighting SQL injection in hibernate may hit down the performance

The problem A couple of days ago I found a query which hangs when running from the application but goes fine when running from a SQL client. The problem was in the way I was calling the query. It was: … Continue reading

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Mouse triple click

Most browsers and text processors support mouse triple click. Triple clicking selects the entire paragraph. Very usefull in firefox if you want to select some word with underscores in a table cell. Example: Let we have the following text in … Continue reading

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Grails on appengine give – it a try

Another bad November morning gave me an idea and I decided to implement it with my favorite development framework Grails and my favorite deployment framework Google App Engine. I wanted to give a try to this old friends of mine. … Continue reading

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p4 sync by date

To sync by date in Perforce you should use the following command: p4 sync @2011/07/24

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NoModuleFileException when deploying app under WebSphere

Problem I observed an error when deploying ear to WebSpehere with admin console. I saw the following error on UI: ErrorThe EAR file could be corrupt and/or incomplete. Make sure that the application is at a compatible Java(TM) Platform, Enterprise … Continue reading

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