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Global ANT or MAVEN build event notification

I want to get notified when the build is finished. I prefer ANT to play a small sound saying that the build is finished so I can stop reading news, drinking coffee, doing self education of course. Luckily ant and … Continue reading

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Fighting SQL injection in hibernate may hit down the performance

The problem A couple of days ago I found a query which hangs when running from the application but goes fine when running from a SQL client. The problem was in the way I was calling the query. It was: … Continue reading

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Give me back Java simplicity please

What was origianal ideas behind Java? 1) crossplatform 2) simple Nowadays idea is only one: 1) crossplatform Crossplatform idea is very simple. Programs are compiled into bytecode. Bytecode shall run everywhere. Nothing to say here. Last Java versions conform to … Continue reading

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Need modularity support

What is not completely good in Java is modularity. There are packages in it but there are no modules. Let’s look on example. Let’s say I am implementing ShoppingCart component. I decided to use the following structure: package com.neednewjava.mysite.shoppingcart classes: … Continue reading

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Need smarter annotations

Java language was originally developed with idea to minimize bug count. The idea was to produce 2 bugs when you write 1 line of Java code, while you are producing 5 bugs writing 1 line of C++ code. This is … Continue reading

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Need new for cycle

I wrote a lot of code being junior developer. To write this big amount of code I used Eclipse IDE. Thanks eclipse for it’s CTRL+space code completion. It’s so fast just to: type for press CTRL+space select iterate over iterable … Continue reading

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Need new Java

Just figured out that I am a Java developer with a 7 year experience. It’s time to say what’s wrong with Java. Yes, I remember and understand the easy upgrade goals of Sun. So every customer can switch from Java … Continue reading

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